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Usually I avoid the island on holidays, but last year I ended up on the north end near the cove. Deputies, WPD, Wildlife, and Coast Guard were all patrolling by boat. I wonder if everyone in town realizes just how many people congregate on that island and in the adjacent waters on certain holidays? Law enforcement is completely outnumbered to the point that they become ineffective. I assume that they remain on station and let a lot of minor infractions slide so as to continue to provide a presence. Maybe a more proportional law enforcement presence, and stricter enforcement will prevent the public's thought process that it is a safe haven for BWI, public intoxication, and indecent exposure.

It becomes the wild west out there (which for most of the year is the draw of the island - but is a lesson that chaos rules in the absence of law). These parties become a place where weekend boaters who are landlocked most of the year, with little experience and lots of money for oversized yachts, become intoxicated and unfortunately become hazards. Add currents, wind, anchor lines, partiers swimming from boat to boat, and you do get a dangerous situation.

I don't know the answer. I love Masonboro. I think have the right idea in that it should remain open for the continued enjoyment of the people that take care of it. Pack your trash, respect the wildlife, and don't screw it up for everyone.


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