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Whos fault do u ask??

Your wondering who is a fault for this?? I really dont know BUT ill tell you what happen. So this promoter or someone else Found someone at the school board and/or the high school........ and said they wanted to hold a concert and im SURE offered a BUNCH of money to hold it there. I bet they didnt even think about researching who the singer was. I mean lets be honest......... Who would think a singer by the man of "LITTLE Wayne" would be so much trouble. What happen was that someone saw dollar signs, and signed a contract before the did there research! THen after they found out who it was, they realized that the money they got for the concert would not even cover the cost of the needed security! HOW STUpid Can u be!! BUT Atleast the promoter is paying for the extra police and not the taxpayers!! IF ANyONE Gets hurt of god forbid killed as a result of this concert, whoever signed the contract should be held accountable.


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