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lil wayne

Why is everyone pulling their hair out about one concert. For pete's sake this little wanna be gangsta town is really in need of more concerts or something. Think about it how many rap or r&b or country concerts have wilmington had in the last 10 years? We all can probley count on one hand.My thing is give the kids more things like this to enjoy maybe they wont be so bored that they get themselves into trouble.And for people who dont know anything about rap, they say what sells.THAT DOES NOT MEAN EVERYTHING SAID IS TRUE!!!!!! PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THAT.AND ALSO REMENBER THAT GOD HAS ALREADY WRITTEN OUT OUR LIFE SO KNOW THAT WHEN ITS YOUR TIME TO GO ITS YOUR TIME .GOING TO SEE LIL WAYNE IS NOT GOING TO KILL ANYONE.PLEASE BE EASY. YOU PEOPLE ARE MAKING SUCH A MESS OF THIS ,IF ANYTHING THING DOES HAPPEN IT WILL BE BECAUSE THEY ARE PROVING A POINT TO ALL THE NEGATIVE PEOPLE LIKE (SINCE THEY ALREADY THINK SOMETHINGS GOING TO HAPPEN THEN LETS JUST SHOW THEM)


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