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Either get involved or stop complaining

Breaking down your post for a moment …..

- “how UNRELIABLE eye witnesses are?!?” : Better than no witnesses. Right more than they’re wrong. Ever hear of a police line-up?
- “pay our police departments to do, to patrol the streets” : They can’t be everywhere at once.
- “to ensure their (the streets) safety?” : The police aren’t your personal armed guards. Get involved.
- “now enlisting non-police entities & individuals to share the responsibility of crime-fighting? : We all share that responsibility. Get involved.
- “Heaven help us all!” : Why not help yourself? Get involved.
- “difficult enough to challenge the word of a cop” : Wouldn’t an independent witness prevent a cop from making something up?
- “we'll be at each others' throats” : For telling the truth?

Your posts often seem to follow a pattern of complaining about things that apparently you, as a citizen of our fair republic, don’t even want to lift a finger to help fix yourself. Like so many others these days, you seem to think that just because you pay taxes, big government should take care of all of your problems. You’re wrong. Either get involved or stop complaining.


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