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Fixing the Dropout Rate in NC...

Here in Wilmington they plan to do that by allowing a Rapper with a Wrap Sheet to Perform at a Local High School. Ohhh yeah.. That's the way to keep them in school. Next we'll be bringing in Football Stars who believe in Dog Fights as a legal activity and Wrestlers who believe that Steroids is the Answer to all things in life. Or Movie Stars who believe in shoplifting and drugs.. Yup .. its what the world has become I'm afraid. I vote we bring OJ.. he wraps it all up nicely. I mean.. could they not find someone like Michael Jordan?.. Trot Nixon?... I mean Heck I was in school with good ole' Trot.. right there at Hanover.. I'm not aware of any rapper who doesn't sing about anything other than rape drugs murder yadda yadda.. but Could we not find a Descent Rapper? Just had to put this in here.. Since it had to do with school and the drop out rate..


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