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the economy

One of the hallmarks the GOP alludes to is how they are supposedly good for business and the economy, yet poll after poll suggests that they are losing touch with most Americans as to how to address things like the debt and deficits. Americans by a wide margin favor a balanced approach using increased taxes and spending cuts. No one of course wants this, but we realize sacrifices have to be made in order to correct bad economic decisions made in the past by both parties.

But on the state level things are different. Budgets have to be balanced, by law. Debt is not exceedingly high here in NC. The Unemployment Trust Fund is in the hole, but, that too is manageable. So one has to ask the question – why? Why pay that $ back in one year instead of 3? It certainly wasn’t a drag on the economy. In fact, economists who believe in Keynes theory would argue that it’s actually beneficial to run some debt while the economy is bad to keep employment from falling too far.

We already know that tax cuts do not stimulate hiring and trickle down no longer is applicable to today’s economy – otherwise we’d be at full employment now. Taxes are at rates not seen since the 1980s. Loopholes have exploded, as have legal deductions. I have read where 47% do not pay any taxes. This includes many of the top earners who find ways to avoid paying taxes, and those millions of people who make little money but use deductions to avoid taxes as well. Everyone needs to pay more.

But on the state level, there are forces at work that lead me to believe that the GOP has become so enamored with its new found majority that it is wasting the opportunity by regulating unproven sex trafficking, wiping years of experience off boards and commissions, and other useless legislation. They have a chance to repair, and help the NC economy and choose to look for other ways to get their names in the paper – when in fact it was the economy they ran on.

The poll results on WWAY blame Obama for NC’s troubling economy. What’s next? Will we blame Obama for your toenail fungus too?

C’mon McCrory, Tillis and Berger give us a dose of leadership. Get out of the regulate sex, regulate women’s privates, and trans vaginal what have you’s, and get us some jobs legislation. But stop screwing the poor, stop hurting the folks that suffered from Bev’s lack of “encouraging” economic policy.

I don’t adhere to one party over another. Both parties have strong people in them, and both are saddled with losers as well. But one thing that is bipartisan in this legislative session is that no one has the best interests of NC at heart anymore.



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