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Vog, WWAY can decide if my

Vog, WWAY can decide if my post are postable, but my right to call Obama a communist comes from my Creator and is pretty much in you face. I defer to the Bill on Rights on that subject.

The reason I call him a commie is based on what he says and what he does.
Fundamentally change America
Spread the wealth
Progressive tax
Gun control
Socialize healthcare
Fat cats on Wall Street
Exploding the size of Government
Exploding the reach of Government
Surrounding himself with fellow commies like Van Jones
Insulting the Religious
Diminishing the importance of Family

These are all hallmarks of Marxism and Communism. My question is why you can’t realize this. He’s given Islamofascist in Egypt Jet Fighter (you know, like the Soviets used to do) but your problem is with me.

If it makes you feel better you can report me to his turn-in-your-fellow-citizen email address (you know, like the Soviets used to do).


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