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Will someone please explain

Will someone please explain why the media must attempt to denigrate the men and women who serve a vital role in protecting the life and property of citizens as firefighters, often with no pay, by a headline such as this. This man had not been part of HFD for 10 years, yet that's the headline in the story. I'm sure he's done other things in his life or been a member of other organizations, but why try to draw a correlation between being a former fire chief for a short period 10 years ago, to an alleged violent act today? I see this in media reports all the time: former teacher, former pastor, former law enforcement office, etc. I can understand if giving part of the suspects history might include recent occupations, but it seems that the media picks out only certain public service occupations, even when they were many years ago, and then leads the headlines with it. I for one, am disgusted by this practice. If anyone wonders why the public has such little regard, trust, or respect for the media, this is an example.


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