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Violent Criminals continue to walk among us. Incredible!

Baptist already has 12 FELONY convictions involving drugs and assault to his credit. Nice fella! Why is this criminal allowed back into society to commit more crime like this? Thank you judge! Thank you DA! You're both doing one heck of a job with NOT protecting society and NOT upholding the LAW! Nixon is a Fresh criminal. He only has 2 felonies and 2 misdemeanors. He likes to steal property from the state and traffic narcotics. Give the poor thugg another ten chances. Sharif only has 13 FELONY convictions to include drug trafficking, fireams possession by a FELON, assaults and concealed weapons charges. In addition to a host of midemeanors! We actually have to wonder why we have gun related violence? THIS IS THE REASON, RIGHT HERE! But the judges and the DA's want to "train the schools" and instill new gun bans, not really fix the problem and keep scum like this out of society!!!


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