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It would be Hilarious if all the accusations Berger has made in time, about political corruption of the Powers That Be, were actually found out "down the road" to be 100% accurate...and the Powers That Be are twisting it all around in their favor to make Berger look like a mental case. Maybe that's what it takes to expose some politicians for what they really are...Corrupt! What's Berger got to lose...really?
Makes no difference to me what Berger does and says about his co-politicians...but he's become a local news media icon...and in a world of political corruption that we live in, I wouldn't be surprised 1 iota if there's a ton of truth in what he says.
I guess it boils down to this...look around at all that our Council has configured over the years that made no sense financially whatsoever...from a $1,000,000,000 bridge...a Baseball field/Convention Center/neglect of roads/sewer system/forced annexation/etc...and here's a guy (Berger) trying to expose all of that (possibly) detail. Touble is...he acts like a Goof Ball in the process.
Whether it's honestly only in his mind, by trying to expose corruption he's trying to bring light to, that may become a dead end street, or it is actually trying to be covered up with Chaos, by a select group...I say Finish the Job for all to see.
I say, make all of his accusations made Public for us all to see for comparison in way of a 5 hour TV special (Berger Bites)...because that's what it would take...5 hours with commercials that is!! :-)


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