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I have read the documents

I have read the documents posted in this article and see no threats or other "risky" behavior by Mr. Berger. In fact, it appears that his has merely attempted to obtain an explanation for his removal from the DSS board (which may in itself have been illegal). It appears that this board is attempting to continue the previous board's witch hunt against Mr. Berger and I for one, hope he continues his goal of getting answers. I too voted him into office, as I have done for many others. I do not believe we may now vote him or anyone else out of office..doesn't work that way. So current commissioners, get on with the business you were voted to do and leave Mr. Berger alone. Except to answer his questions! Stop wasting taxpaper time & money on your vendettas and do your jobs. Before we the people start trying to get rid of you..with the same tactics. Mr. White..shame on you. Your job is not to diagnose or evaluate another human being. Stop trying to control everyone and do your job as a commissioner or RESIGN. I am sick of the drama & soap opera tactics of NHCO commissioners..both past and present!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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