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Mr. White claims that Mr.

Mr. White claims that Mr. Berger was a threat to the governor. What exactly did Mr. Berger do that rises to the level of a threat? According to the governor's office there was no threat during the governor's visit.

As a citizen I find it disturbing that county commissioners would even consider the use of restraining orders to keep a duly elected official from performing the duties he was elected to do.

In my personal opinion and without ever having met the man, Mr. Berger seems to be at least exhibiting symptoms of depression. Not knowing much about other mental issues, I cannot comment further, but it is clear that he is having some personal issues that seem to be affecting his ability to perform his duties and should have resigned when they first started.

Still, I cannot condone what Mr. White is proposing to do. It sets a disturbing precedent that makes a mockery of our election process and opens the door for abuse by our elected officials. If someone can find a lawful way of removing Mr. Berger from office, then so be it. Just don't do an end run around the law to get your way.


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