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Tired of the Nonsense

What they ought to do is put a restraining order on him barring him from using any county facility or attending meetings in person. Revoke all of his privileges and powers. He can view the meetings online and continue to use the intranet system/email from home. It really isn't that complicated, if you can't get rid of him then rid him ineffective due to mental reasons and restrict his access. Clearly he lacks character and the humility to just resign. So resign him, allow the Sheriff to vote in his spot. The sheriff was elected by the people. Give the sheriff a temporary authority in situations like this. Put out a petition for the citizens to sign for his removal. Once completed remove him. Then hold an election for a new commissioner. It's embarrassing that our county government continues to drop the ball, and escalate the situation, by knowing not what to do. They are trying to protect themselves legally rather than do the common sense thing, and protect county employees first most physically. If you have someone showing signs of mental illness and threatening behavior you deal with it by either removing them or yourself. You don't just let them hang around and continue on and on and on. The time for appeal is over, now its time for action.


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