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Unnecessary-I think not!


I suggest that you take a day out of your time, and shadow the job of a teacher assistant if you feel that they are unnecessary help. We as teacher assistants take nothing away from the teacher, and we are not asking anyone to pour additional money into education. However we are asking to maintain what we already have in place. The job of a teacher assistant is necessary. With the workload that has been placed upon the teacher through different avenues is overwhelming. I hope that you have a suggestion as to how you will accomodate the law that teachers receive duty free lunch. Who will monitor the children? Who will provide the additional intervention that a student needs when they do not grasp the concept in which the teacher has taught? Who will be there to help ensure additional safety from the time a student steps on campus until we put them on the bus to come home? Who will be there to take care of the diabetic student, the student with medical disabilities, and the handicap student? Who will be there to assist with the new common core and essential standards that require indepth knowledge and lesson plans? Who will be there to monitor and teacher the children when the teacher has to do testing that requires her to be out of the classroom the majority of a two week window three time a year? Who will be there to transport children home when they can find no one else to drive a bus. NECESSARY-I believe we are necessary because we are able to do many jobs, fill in wherever we are needed, and to ensure that the student has a solid educational foundation in which to build on. I will be looking forward to hearing from you when you have shadowed A REAL TEACHER ASSISTANT and see exactly what we do. I agree that more teachers are needed, but we deserve to be included in the budget, and our students deserve the opportunity and chance to succeed. Just my two cents worth! I hope that someone else doesn't feel like you concerning your job, and think that your unnecessary! My job is important, I make a difference, and I deserve the right to be there for my students, to provide for my family, and to continue to make a difference!


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