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It's different now!

Guest 2020,

I would invite you to visit your local school and ask to shadow a teacher assistant for day! I think what you will find will be eye-opening. The students of today, the circumstances they come from, the curriculum, the testing is all different than when you were in school I am sure. As a teacher assistant I work directly with children instructing them each day. I teach reading, math, and reading intervention groups to assist students in mastering critical skills that they will need throughout life. I work along with the teacher in order to make sure all of our students show growth, and do not remain stagnant. I serve on committees, assist with planning, teaching, technology, and many other facts. I provide the additional time for struggling students that need one-on-one assistance to become proficient. I am there to greet your child in the morning, make sure they are safe throughout the day, and in some cases I am the one who safely transports your student back home safely when there is no one else to drive a bus. There is so much I do as a teacher assistant. I am a valuable asset to my classroom, my teacher, and my students. As a matter of fact my students don't consider me a teacher assistant, they consider me their teacher because I make a difference in their lives. Things are not the same as they were when you or even my parents were in school. The parental and community support of that day and time are gone. We have students who come to school everyday who come from many different backgrounds. Some are neglected, some are hungry, some are uncared for,but we are expected to reach all students. All students are not on the same playing field as others, some need additional support, and some one-on-one attention. People don't understand the job that we do because they have never been in our shoes, but I invite anyone to come shadow a teacher assistant, and I am sure you will see that WE DON'T JUST ASSIST THE TEACHER, PUT UP BULLETIN BOARDS, TAKE STUDENTS TO THE BATHROOM, ETC........WE TEACH, AND WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


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