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Teacher Assistants

I am a Teacher Assistant and love my job. I care about the education of our children so much that I have gone back to college to get my Teaching Degree. A Teacher Assistant is not JUST a Teacher Assistant. In the society we have today it takes a mom and a dad working to take care of the children and provide for them. We live in a very fast paced world. When I was in school, we had 32 to 35 children in a classroom. When we got home mom was there to help with homework. Listen people, times have changed. We were disciplined in school when we did something wrong and I am not talking about being fussed at, I am talking being sent to the office and being paddled, a phone call home, get home and it was worse at home than it was at school. In the area I am from, a lot of children get home and take care of themselves. A Teacher Assistant is an educator, a mom, a grandmother, a nurse, a doctor, a mentor, and a friend. We work all day to educate the children in North Carolina. We are not in a room making copies all day. We have plans where we take groups of children and actually teach. Many times we end up being the sub in a room where a Teacher has got to leave because they are sick or something has happened that they need to leave. We as Teacher Assistants continue with what the Teacher was teaching, so the classroom is not disrupted just because the Teacher has to leave. Teacher Assistants are needed. I will take any of you on, on any given day, and just come and walk in my shoes for a day. We need to give the children of North Carolina the education they deserve and it takes the Teacher Assistants to help do this. We have to love our jobs, or with the pay we get, we would not stay with it. Leave our education along and let the Teachers and the Assistants do what they need to do to give our children the best education we can.


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