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Here we go again...

Well comrades, they've done it to us again; run out on us that is. It happened at the end of the 2010-2011 school year and now it's happening to us again. If you're able, lay a hurtin' on their budget and go out on retirement or disability if you have to. I read a lot of good 2 cents sense in this column but really we work for the lowest of all salaries within the school districts and when any local administration can sneak our salaries off to a grant fund and not tell you anything about it, well we're basically working for leadership that doesn't care anything about us, the kids, the existing staffs or even themselves for that matter. Local LEa's are the hardest thing DPI as to deal with anyway. It's time for a top down reorganization of the system - and I say: give the LEA's the boot forever, turn the state DPI into basically a purchasing department for the federal government and turn the whole thing over to them (the Federalies) to run however they want to - then take your kids to private church run schools so that you can get the education for your child you feel is best (using your voucher). Sure it'll undermine the whole system and it'll collapse from within, but that's what wanted anyway - so let them have it. Get your's on your way out the door.

Good luck everyone,


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