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Since it's a walk in the park...

I would love for you to take time out of your comfy schedule and sit in a classroom that has 41 students all low level 3s to 1s (yes this is a realistic classroom) and I want you to do all of what is required of us. Don't forget you must include rigor in your lessons DAILY (if you don't know what that is then you will be fired on the first day), have a discipline plan and, because of the level of the students, a back up discipline plan, oh and that day that your technology, you know the one you have to use DAILY, decides to say screw you I am not going to work today, back up lesson plans. Let's not forget that 13 of these student's have different I.E.P. goals (again if you don't know what an IEP is turn in your resignation) which means you are differentiating you plans a total of 14 or more times because if you don't you are in violation. And work is not over at 2:15 and if it is for you, please tell me when during the day you had time to grade papers, plans, talk to parents, EAT, reevaluate you lessons for a better delivery, etc. Oh and let's not even mention the high school teachers who averages 90 students a semester so that's at least 180 students taught by that one teacher a year. Hey did you know that there are plenty of teachers in NC on government assistance because they cannot afford to live off of their wages? But they still come in everyday to teach with a smile on their face amongst all of the scrunity they are receiving. So don't tell me I don't know how to do my damn job!!! I do it by myself because the county I am in is too poor to hire help. Help would greatly be appreciated. It will lessen my doctor bills I have from stress, sleep deprevation, anxiety, and did I mention STRESS from all the bull I have to do to see a measly 30 grand a year BEFORE taxes you better get you life and don't come for us if YOU YOURSELF can't handle this profession. People are quick to give their opinion on crap they have no expertise in. Thank you and good day!


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