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As a proud former educator my hat goes off to all teachers, and teachers assistants. You are all are the most under paid and under appreciated of all the professional jobs when if it were not for you all there would be no mechanics lawyers doctors and you Sir Tomi Young who do you think you are berating teachers did you learn to read and write by osmosis did you learn to do math by osmosis no some teacher had to teach you and I bet if you look back on your school years you will find that it was one teacher who made a difference in your life. Now about these cut the Gov. ought to be ashamed of himself to even think about cutting education,and we wonder why kids who graduate cannot read at their grade level,but yet he has given his cronies raises he is going to have to answer to God on judgement day because the entire time he has been in office he has done nothing but oppress people and elevate himself and his cronies.


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