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As far as I am to understand the "same people" you may be referring to are building careers and raising families. I believe it would be safe to assume that the "same people" find it difficult to juggle all that life has ahead of them, just as you and many of the retiree's once had. Now that retirements have been established, many have forgotten what it is like to have very little time building that very same thing for our families. And that "downtime" is better spent with our families. It should not have to be spent monitoring the activities of our board. The board on the other hand, appears to do many good things (like take on the responsibility) but also is creating rules that are unreasonable and self indulgent, not for the betterment of a community. Remax can't help me because they can't showcase my home with anything more than a virtually invisible sign in my window (and internet marketing, periodicals, I know). I purchased my home when I drove by and saw all of the flags, SIGNS, cars on the side of the road and the parade of advertisements the developer had so "carelessly" placed around Westport (the boards heads would have exploded if they saw or could remember what it looked liked driving down our main road back in the developer days, "fines for everybody!"). It worked for him/them at that time. He thought they were a good idea, hmmm??? "If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it." Please, try and remember what it was like when you could rely on the good judgment and sound advise from your elders. Also, if you require a pat on the back for volunteering and doing all of these wonderful things for our community, you have missed the point. At any rate, thank you for doing so.


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