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Two shots and you're out.

First, Mr. Barfield shoots himself in the foot by accepting campaign financing advice that allows him to feel comfortable being massively underfunded for a congressional campaign. That minimizes the probability of his success by a huge amount.

Next, he shoots himself in the other foot by announcing that he can get by with less funding because he’s “working in God’s favor” and that “this campaign is in God's plan “. Even though I have my own personal religious beliefs, statements like that create an instant negative knee-jerk reaction in me. That’s the same kind of stuff that every creepy televangelist says when he or she is trying to con the life savings out of some desperate, usually undereducated, poor soul. Perhaps his strategy is to pander to the underprivileged amongst us. One can only come to the conclusion that that’s probably not going to maximize his chances for success either.

So, after shooting himself in both feet, Mr. Barfield’s campaign is left with about zero chance of success because he really doesn’t even have one political leg left to stand on.

I can't think of one reason for anyone to contribute their hard-earned cash to a political campaign that's so set up in advance to lose.


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