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Yeah no threat here....

I would bet that the bloodshed will not occur during this event but more likely than not two groups will meet up about 30 minutes later and shoot it up. The only way us innocents usually get victimized by a Gangsta wanna-be is when they miss, or when they car jack your ride or rob you as part of an initiation, or when your kid goes to one of these concerts and decides that this is the life they want to start living. Yeap, sounds like a pretty harmless way to spend a Saturday night. Glad the NH Co. School Board did a little research on what they were allowing to come to their school. This is the same school board that decided that they, by forcing the City to terminate the program, would pursue a civil suit against the City for the Red Light Camera civil fines. This put their greed over the safety and wellfare of the Citizens who since the begining have seen positive results by a reduction in injury crashes at these intersections. I guess it's safe to assume that the School Board dose'nt understand what safety is. And let's not forget that multi-million dollar blunder with the grant money a few month's back. When's the next election?


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