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Elvis was a Blood....

See , I bet you already bought your ticket to the Lil-Wayne gig coming up and your afraid that if an intelligent person writes a post on here that someone will listen and cancel your show. Then the money you already wasted on a ticket will be truly worthless. But i'm sure you will be able to call the good Reverend Sharpton down here to stand up for you and get you a refund. I'm really not that old (36) but for the life of me I can't think of one Gang Banger that I used to listen to. You say that I need to get a life but I swear Elton John was'nt in the Folk Nation or the Aryan Brotherhood. Maybe i'm wrong but other than a few reference's to some drug use I can't think of one song that said I should... jack a car, shoot a cop, rape a girl, go to a dog fight, sell lots of dope, beat your B#%ch up or smack yo ho down, steal some rims, use the "N" word in any form, drop out of school, put a cap in yo Ass. Yeap, lot's of real positive stuff that LIL-MORON has to say. And as far as parents keeping their kids away has anyone seen lately the lack of parental concern from parents in that general area? You give a lot of credit where none is due. I say let him come, let him rile up the crowd, let them go out here and emulate (thats copy for all you Lil-Minded people) him and shoot each other up. Darwin was a smart man and proof of his Theroy's are shown everyday in this culture.


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