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Stupid Stupid Stupid,,,,

One thing that is not being said on here is that, the building (Brogden Hall) is considered not a part of NHHS. It is owned by the county not the city. I can't believe they would leave it up to the school board to decide for him to come here. I was at the school board meeting last Wed. night and of course there was nobody there that could answer questions for us on this concert. They knew that we as parents would be asking questions and have problems over this concert. So, why not bring someone who could answer them. Because they want to control everything that goes on in and around our schools. I for one will vote to remove EVERYONE off of the school board and replace them with PARENTS who have their right minds and know what we are going through. Because any parent in their right mind wouldn't allow someone as low life as this thing to come within 20 feet of our school. As for the BLOODS and the CRIPS it will all come to a head and hopefully they will all kill each other and we won't have to worry about them anymore. I just hope that no innocent person gets caught up in the mix. I as a parent don't feel safe with my child attending NHHS.


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