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I think you got it right..

I think that these students have figured out that it cost 15 bucks to get to and from downtown each night and for three nights a week that can get kind of pricey. If they can sucker WAVE Transit to do it for chump change then that's just all the more beer that can be consumed. They teach economics at UNCW right? Yes, I agree that getting just one drunk off the road is worth it but how much money will the City lose on this student wellfare program? Maybe if they had to buy a year long "DrunkPass" for say $200 bucks to cover gas and puke cleanup then I would say give it a try. And make the pass good for all the time not just late night. A valid point was made to the underage drinking problem but until bars start being held financially responsible and fined major amounts of money or loss of Permits then underage consumption at bars will stay the same. Or let's go back to legal at 18 or 19 years of age. There is really no difference between a drunk driver at 18 than at 21, they are both just a dangerous.


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