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You would think it's a bad

You would think it's a bad idea. That's why your an idiot! I didn't read anywhere in the article that they were going to stop arresting underage drinkers or drunk drivers. I simply saw that a UNCW student is attempting to do several things. 1) Provide a great service to UNCW students AND New Hanover County residents. 2) Help some people avoid getting DWIs on their way home (which by the way...that protects others as well because it reduces the number of drunk drivers on the road, thereby reducing the chances that some innocent, sober driver will be injured by the drunk driver. 3) It reduces the parking problem downtown. Also, most people downtown are above 21, which would probably mean that there are as many non-students as students that would use the service. If you would use your brain for a moment, you would realize that it is illegal for bars to serve underage individuals. That being said, I would make the assumption that most of the people who receive DWIs after being downtown are not 18-20 year old UNCW students. Many of them aren't even in school, but the ones who are must be 21 to drink downtown. Not to mention that the earliest most people can graduate college is 22, which would mean that HALF of UNCW is not underage!! I for one am an employed, responsible 30 year old that would welcome the opportunity to ride the bus both directions. I applaud their effort and wish them the best of luck. If it's the cost of operation you're upset about, you can go ahead stop worrying yourself. I would make an educated guess that it would get much more traffic on a Friday or Saturday night than it gets at any other time during current operating hours. I don't hear you complaining about that! Stop all your whining. Some people just like to have fun every now and then! Maybe you can pray for us and before you know it, the late night routes won't be needed!!


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