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Just to clarify,,,

If you were referring to my post I actually agreed that a bus was a good idea, just not on MY dime. As far as your idiotic views that only 21 year old UNCW and CFCC students get DWI's I think you should go to court and watch what goes on in there. Or go to and search the DWI calender. I would say it's about even, underage and above, and like I said before a drunk is a drunk, 3 years difference in age is about the same mentally. Also, I really wonder if you thought before you typed but if you think that there is no underage consumption going on in these Bar's Downtown then your the one without a brain. Either by use of a fake ID or just a passed beer is about all it takes and when half (not all) of the bouncers are students themselves it's not that hard to get in with a stamp saying you are 21. You wrote "If you would use your brain for a moment, you would realize that it is illegal for bars to serve underage individuals" and " most people downtown are above 21" WHAT!!!!! What town are you in? What Planet? Did you use your brain before posting this comment? Third, there is no parking problem downtown. The problem you have is that you can't just park in front of your favorite Bar. Poor Cynic had to walk 4 blocks to blow his hard earned money on a beer. How sad.


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