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Abuse of the laws

Abuse of the laws is what the topic here is about right? How can we reduce the numbers of people that abuse the laws and create the problems like full courtrooms, traffic accidents, injuries and deaths. I could care less if someone wants to go get stoned or drunk, but they should never be allowed to do it at the expense of others of the communities around us. As a student at UNCW I see this all of the time. One of the primary reasons for the DWI laws to be a problem here are that the consequences for breaking those laws are not stern enough for the offenders to consider them a deterrent in the first place. Education on the college campus is a joke or word of mouth that "somebody got busted last night..." Off and on campus, the consequences should be far greater than they are now, and far more likely to happen when the cases goto court. Cases are still being swept aside because of "who you know" and that just ENABLES the offenders to go out and try to kill innocent people on the roads again. On convictions, confiscate the cars/vehicles, sell them at auction, and then use the funds generated to provide for more salaried enforcement personel. With the rates that are currently being recorded now in the Wilmington and New Hanover County area there should be any problem with adding several officers to each of the police and sheriffs departments. More officers (paid for,not taxed for) would only add to the reduction in crimes like drugs and gang activity due to simply having more officers out on the beat. Where are the pro-active leaders of our community that want to get out there and implement this?


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