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On the plus side...

...this should thin the herd.

On the other hand, more loud obnoxious motorcycle "rides" clogging traffic, all the in memory of fallen bikers who were too dumb to wear a helmet.

John Torbett should read actual research. If he wants to make helmets optional, that's fine. If a motorcyclists kills himself in such a stupid way who cares? Hopefully they can salvage the bike. But to ignore actual facts and lie about it makes me wonder how this guy even got elected.

How long does $10,000 of medical insurance keep one of these turnips on life support? The length of the ambulance ride?

Yay, for lawmakers actively passing legislation that does nothing but kill people in the name of preventing a biker from getting a little sweat on his brow. I'm sorry, I said "biker". "Bikers" are tough guys who probably wouldn't care about the law anyway, these guys are motorcycle enthusiasts.


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