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got brains

Iwas a biker or some may callit my ride
i cant ride no more because of my lower back and other issu
but if i can you better belivei would havea helmet on ! yes sir
one there are to many peopleon the roads here in wilmington who cant drive a car,or they come down from up north and drive there way ,,
here is a short story ,,driveing with a helmet might save your life
not wearing one will kill you ,,i see they say its wanted by the freedom of choice ,well my choice is to get off the pain killer every day i take and to have the right to smoke pot to stay out of pain,,but we cant have that right lol
and if it gets passed everyone's ins will go up by 45% i dont want mine to go up because someone says he has the right to be a dummy and not to wear his helment we need good people around,,wear your helment,,,ohh by the way i had a 1979 trimp lol now its back in the morrisville collage to show what will happen when you dont wear a helment !!!


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