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"Spousal social security, pension, tax benefits.... that is all covered by marriage. Marriage is a union between a man and a woman."

I can go and get married legally without religious influence and be LEGAL with all the trappings of "marriage" to include tax benefit, social security benefit and pension benefit.
This does NOT require a belief in God or for me to be religious.
Marriage is also secular in nature because not everyone believes in God or organized religion.
Discrimination is against secular law.

"I don't waste my time on it in thought at all."
Oh but you should. There is a difference between what WE think is right and what the secular world thinks is right. For a person who believes following secular law becomes easy as our religious views put us in a mindset that is already "law abiding".
We do have to recognize that there are many people who don't believe and who follow secular laws of governments. Our secular belief in "all men are created equal" has been interpreted by our Supreme Court to mean those of color and those of the opposite sex and so on.
Should gays be any different?
We can sit here and not give it any thought, however we do know that the world exists outside of our religious beliefs.
Again, I don't agree with it on a personal level - but I will not stand in the way of these folks obtaining legal stature.



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