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"Before organized religion took hold there was no “marriage” definition."
- Organized religion was created by God, who defined marriage as being between a man and a woman. Adam and Eve were the first married couple.

"I can only speculate what society was like then. To me, gay people fall into that category of people that seem to be discriminated against like blacks, immigrants, Hispanics, women before they won some hard earned “rights".
- I'm not sure what your point is here because fat people, skinny people, tall people, short people, etc., are all discriminated against by society one way or another. The point I see is that God says homosexuality is wrong and actually describes it as an "abomination". That's the only group of people I'm aware of that he describes that particular way.

"As for procreation? Again I ask myself a question. If procreation were the basis for marriage then 60 year old women would not be allowed to marry because they are no longer able to procreate."
- The majority of people marry before they're 60. But, back in Biblical days, people lived to be much older than today. Abraham's wife, Sarah, conceived when she was about 90 years old.

“On the secular front no one should be discriminated against – we are all human beings. No one should judge based upon race, religion, or sexual orientation among many other criteria used. But for legal purposes – that maddening term used for “godless” purposes – same sex couples WILL win the right to marry be it now or in the near future. Gay marriage bans will be held to be unconstitutional in that narrow “legal purpose world” we live in.”
- I agree that it will happen eventually, but that will never make it right. It’s wrong in God’s eyes. The Bible never changes. God never changes.

“I will still oppose it on a personal level based upon my religious based upbringing but I will not stand in the way of gays getting married. For as much as it was both a religious and secular union for me and the Mrs – for many couples religion plays no part in the term “marriage”. In THAT context, there is no basis for discriminating against them.”
- Marriage is a religious ceremony, sanctioned by God and defined as a union between a man and a woman. For gay couples, if “religion plays no part in the term ‘marriage’, then they shouldn’t get married. Why would they want to take part in a God sanctioned, religious ceremony? Just live together if religion plays no part. It has nothing to do with religion or “love” for them. It has to do with finances - having the same benefits that married couples have. In the end, it’s all about money.


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