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You confuse "hate" with "disagreement"

And you homosexuals just can't stand people that disagree with your lifestyle, even in the least. Well, face up to the facts Kilroy, there's a vast majority of people that DO NOT agree with the homosexual lifestyle and never will. There are a lot of people that are "tolerant" of you, but that is a very long way from "acceptance". You insist on flaunting your lifestyle in peoples faces, imposing it on our children in their school studies and demand your "rights" from the government, but where the rubber hits the road, you're at the bottom of the hill of Pike's Peak with a 2 cylinder and three flat tires. The general public just isn't there, they aren't even close.
The person you responded to is fully correct. You don't have to marry to show your "love and together forever" mess, the marriage portion is simply for "material bene's" and serves absolutely no other purpose.

One more thing for you to hear!!! We'll poke our damn noses in and out of peoples business anytime we want and as long as it gets published and available on this website or others!


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