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I believe the argument that

I believe the argument that same sex marriage is a sin is an irrational thought perpetuated by closed minded people. There are many differing views based on the teachings of the bible, we do not hate the Jewish for their disbelief in Jesus. We do not hate Muslims for there belief in the koran. There are to many different views on life, religion and to many cultures to settle for one closed minded ideal. I work with and have friends that are on both sides of this hot button issue. I don't base there value as a coworker or a friend on there religious or sexual orientation. This issue seems more to me a question of economics. The only entity that this would affect is the insurance companies and the increase in coverage and pay outs they will be responsible for. Let people be who they are. Don't look down on them because your beliefs are different. I will keep my friends and continue to work with those on both sides of this issue. Because when this is settled there will be something new to fight about.


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