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It protects known criminals as well. This was the first article that popped up on a google search: (a VERY liberal site)

"Federal law currently prohibits people with felony convictions from buying and owning guns, but a 2011 New York Times investigation revealed that thousands of felons get their gun-ownership rights restored, including those convicted of murder, manslaughter, and other violent crimes. Federal gun bans don't apply to ex-cons if states choose to restore their civil rights."

" Violent criminals may petition to get their gun rights back in states such as Ohio, Minnesota, and Virginia, and the standards judges use to restore these rights, the Times found, "are generally vague, the process often perfunctory."

For instance, under Washington's Hard Times for Armed Crimes Act, judges have no discretion to deny felons their gun rights based on mental health, character, and other factors. Analyzing data from Washington, the Times found that since 1995, more than 3,300 felons and people convicted of domestic violence have regained their gun rights in the state: "Of that number, more than 400—about 13 percent—have subsequently committed new crimes, the analysis found. More than 200 committed felonies, including murder, assault in the first and second degree, child rape and drive-by shooting."

So - if a criminal gets his gun rights back his privacy is protected as well.
That's right - even a murderer.

And in some states is automatic:
"In at least 11 states, according to the Times, nonviolent offenders automatically regain their gun-ownership rights after they finish their sentences or are not charged with new offenses for a certain time."

But this is still ongoing:
"Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers across the country are pushing felons' gun rights (while others are denying them voting rights). In January, a state representative from Colorado introduced a bill that would allow people convicted of nonviolent crimes or felonies to possess guns after release. A similar Republican-backed bill was introduced in Oklahoma a month later, but that plan was derailed when party members learned "nonviolent" offenses also include drug trafficking, child prostitution, and child pornography."

"Rights" as granted by our Constitution - are hard work.
Guesttenheimer is right that we should enforce current laws - by why?
The article above clearly indicates that getting your gun rights back - after murder - after assault - after many other felony convictions - heck even after going crazy - is easy and in some cases automatic.

"Rights" are being given back to criminals.

So they too will get their "privacy"



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