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Easily met?

There's a bunch of checking that goes on. At least that's what appears to happen. They have you sign off on release of any and all medical records from anywhere. The ones involving mental health required me to specifically sign those sections of the forms.

There was facility specific releases from all the local hospitals and providers, and a whole bunch I had never heard of. I wound up looking up some of these places with tree names on the list just for curiosity.

There there's some sort of national clearinghouse for who knows what information that sends the applicant a bill. I'm sure there's real interesting stuff in my background... Tonsils out, and busted hand from falling off a bike when I was a kid. Oh yeah... a couple of bouts of kidney stones and lithotripsy, and the associated drugs for that.

Whatever they do, it takes a while. I didn't see in that list of 11 items that you're required to be an open book for all your medical history, but that IS what's required. It would appear that the current requirements and information releases for a ccw in NC should turn up anything questionable in someone's history. The purchase permit requirements, not so much.


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