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Oh boy

I have several problems with this:
"The measure would cancel the current requirement that at least half a charter school's teachers be certified."

This is interesting in that they are moving away from the certified teacher aspect of education as if being certified makes or breaks a good teacher.

"A charter school's directors would decide whether to check job applicants for any criminal history."
So there's the possibility that a person with a criminal background could teach in charter schools? Are they nuts?

"Local school boards would be required to lease any available building or land to a charter school for $1 a year, unless they can demonstrate it's not economically or practically feasible."
This sounds like taking control of county owned buildings FROM the county and giving it to the Charter schools. This is an unfair business advantage mandated by the state for buildings that were built with county funds.

As a county taxpayer I want my county to maximize my county's ability to recoup expenses through leasing at fair market value not a mandated state rate of $1. That is interfering with free markets.



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