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Town Manager

It seems that everyone must be scared. All everyone does is cumplain about him and now everyone is tight lipped. Must be because of the tea party the police department at his house. This man acts as if he is God around Bladenboro. He bosses the employees around and if anyone crosses him look out. He somehow has ended up with property off Ash Street that the town paid to have surveyed. He runs the town like a Hitler. He contorl the police department, the public works department, town hall, the mayor and the town board. We had million dollar drug deals going on and no one sees nothing. Well maybe Mr Guy will bring a few down with him, understand that a deals are being made with him now. We lost a good police chief over this man, a good wastwater man over this man because they stood up for what is right. Danny was a good man who wouldn't stand for what was going on, where is he now-gone. He has the goods on the mayor so even when a few comissioners stand up, he still wins. Give himself a raise when he wants one and no one is able to stop him. Some comissioners got my vote because they promise to do something about him but over a year later and they do nothing, must have something on them too.
He put new townhall across road from his house and they go along with it. Not even in businees part of town but it what he wantesd so he got it. if he like you and you go allong with him, you be ok if not then you had bad day, he pick who work for town ebven chief of police who go along with him and never been seem around town because he dont have to because Delare is all he has too please. Some poeple have little problem and get him to go on them hard while his in group can get away with what they wants too. not everone has to follow rules only those he dont like.
See how he try to rule the press, it like it all the woman faults because of her pass and hime bing boss an all. why don;t press check on some thing he done and doing and put that in news, ask around, ask about ex chief and why he leave.


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