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Mr Pork Barrel is on the

Mr Pork Barrel is on the roll again, and here's where I'm coming from, think of all the years McIntyre has been in office and running around with those big old dredging and renourishment checks passing them out like candy, if this man cared one bit about getting the budget under control he would have been running dead ahead to find some workable solutions to this sand problem, he prefers to move the sand with a side cast dredge in the inlets, then every time along comes a little wind it's shuts the inlets back up, he loves to renourish beach's with sand or dirt especially that can be trucked in, then a good blow wash's it away.

Not one time has he ever jumped on the band wagon for jetties, which would provide a good protection for our inlets and actually improve inshore fishing, not once has he ever jumped on the bandwagon and pushed for terminal groins, which was approved and disappeared, another more permanent solution for beach erosion. Of course then you wouldn't be constantly handing over those cardboard checks.

The very least he should have been doing was demanding to get more bang for the buck, there is no reason why these inlets dredging and renourishment was not tied together, get a suitable dredge company to pump the sand from the inlet to the beach's, get twice the bang for your buck, you got the inlet dredged and the beach renourished, but these should have been temporary solutions while the jetty's and groins were being erected, it's not right to keep pouring tax payer dollars down an endless hole with no end in sight!


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