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Clearly, you haven't dealt with CAMA...

...the EPA, the fisheries and obviously know nothing about about their stance on the impact of hard structures to modify inlet washing. Terminal groins are a temporary solution and only applicable as a last ditch effort to save beachfront properties. That method isn't applicable to the large scale efforts of inlet control and management.

It is also very clear that you have no idea of the stance of our current Federal government and their allocation of monies to perform inlet dredging efforts. They do not care and without MacIntyre in there pushing hard, we would get zero. Our country is currently pre-occupied with gay rights, supporting illegal aliens and Americans that had rather suck on the governmant dole rather that earn a living. Our coast is not only a local attraction, but a national one as well with people coming from all over to visit here, fish here and play here. Without functional beaches and inlets, everyone loses.

While I understand your point of the constant maintenace of our inlets and beaches, it's just the way it is and it is essential that we keep them maintained. To your point, there IS an end in sight! The day is coming where the beach communities will be soley responsible for this work as we will be abandoned by the feds, so with all of YOUR "knowledge" and all of YOUR "ideas", stop criticizing and whining, get out there and see what YOU can do to boost and maintain what McIntyre has rolling! I seriously doubt I'll hear about "B M" accomplishing anything!


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