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My point

Is that everyone seems to think that taxes should remain "static".
Look, we all know the government borrows money every day.
Did we cut taxes so far that we are now required to borrow the money?
Or did we increase spending so far that we are borrowing?
Or both?

The answer as we all know is C - BOTH.

Of course if we had a better employment situation tax revenues would be higher from collecting more payroll taxes.

Debt after a recession is higher. The same with after war. We are coming out of a recession and ending 2 wars. Military spending after wars end typically comes down at least 30%. This was consistent with WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Yet you mention cutting military spending now and you get "What - are you CRAZY?" You mention eliminating some tax cuts and you get the same thing........
I'm all for cutting spending and increasing revenues to get to the point where the government is operating slightly in the black so that all bills are being paid and excess is used to pay down debt.
We've been building up debt since Carter/Reagan - it will take 30 years to pay it down.


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