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I am not a teacher at this school, but I know several and have listened to what they and some of the students have expressed since Mr.Finn arrived. First some professionals feel that he did not have enough classroom experience to be competent as an administrator, as he has limited first hand knowledge of actual classroom management and/or the stress involved with the current, terrible, classroom experience for many teachers. The people that are happy with this guy are the ones that either gain from his decisions or get special treatment by him such as; "jocks" and their supporters. The youngest teachers appear to get special treatment, like well located classrooms with windows,for which veteran teachers waited for years to get, he may well have some good ideas but he seems to have one tool, and it's hammer,to make his point. He lacks good management skills and fails miserably at drawing out and developing the best qualities in the very professionals he is charged to lead. He coddles some students because they of their athletic potential and ignores the vast majority of the more unique or non-athletic students. His attitude is "if you don't agree with me, you are the enemy" he appears to have certain teachers and support staff that listen for news, among staffers, of his popularity or lack thereof and report back to him. Then the fallout occurs; classrooms moved to poor locations, suddenly rules are set up to discourage debate between professionals. As if the high school teaching experience wasn't stressful enough already, now these teachers are threatened by this "bully" on a daily basis. It's a joke to entertain all the "anti-bully" programs around here when the adults with power in many cases are the role models for bullying. The school board members comments which came out following the public release of the " letter " by a NHHS teacher, was just what I would have expected. They too, remain firmly on the side of the "popular kids and adults" athletes and his staff detectives. The teachers are not complaining just to complain, it is time to take this man to task. It appears to me that he rode in on the shirt tails of Dr. Markey, and he is invincible. Unacceptable!


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