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First , let me say that I, as well as my youngest child, was lucky enough to have Todd Finn in our life one year before he left West Bladen High. It was, because of him, the best year of my daughter's school years. I was on a parent advisory board for 3 years, two before him and one with him. He brought our area together like no other. We again took pride in our school. Yes, some people didn't like him, some students didn't like him because they didn't like following the rules. They had been allowed, before him, to do as they pleased and they couldn't stand not being able to continue to do as they wanted and having to follow the rules. I am most likely sure a teacher or two also didn't like him , most likey for the same reasons.
I never saw any enviroment of abuse and harassment while he was here, and if you know me, I will jump all over a school board in a minute. What I did see was everyone treated fair and equal, teachers, parents and students, no one who was trying was treated wrong, extra help and support given as needed to those who tried.
Now to see that Ms. Brown claiming that she is exhausted from receiving reprimands, and using my 30 plus years of supervision knowledge, that shows me one thing, knowing how Mr. Finn expects people to do what they get paid for, knowing how fair he is, knowing that he always helps those that help themselves, I know in my heart that this is one lazy person who just wants sit on her butt and recieve a check, she is a perfect example of what is wrong with our school systems in this state. Just because they are able to slide by for a number of years then they think they have the right to do as they please forever. People like this give teachers a bad name.
In the real business world, when you don't do your job, you get fired plain and simple. I never have had a employee get "exhausted from receiving reprimands". They got fired before I got tired of having to give reprimands to them.
Todd, as always you have my full support and I hope that you continue to do the good things that you do. Don't ever let the 1 percent pull you down, remember the 99 percent that love you.
Again as always, I think you for making my daughter's senior year her best at West Bladen, and if I can ever help you in any way, you have my number.

Oh one last thing, my name is Rufus Duckworth and I am proud to support Todd Finn.


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