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Be Clear

We all know where this post is coming from ^^. Let's go ahead and clear this up. Looking at the public record known as the Teacher Working Condition Survey taken last year - anonymously - more teachers highly agreed that this high school was an excellent place to work and learn than any other high school in Wilmington. This is hardly indicative of the above poster's claims. If this were such a bad place to work, why would teachers rate the school so highly? I attended a seminar recently where teachers presented information about a 9th grade academy. I was expecting to see this principal, as I see him almost every day at the school. But he did not attend. He sent his teachers, and they told the story of a leader who empowered them to create this academy. Again, this is hardly indicative of a "hammer" mentality. Based on my research, this principal taught in Massachusetts from 1998-2005. He taught in NC from 2005-2007. He was in Fayetteville as an assistant principal for three years, and served as a principal in Bladen county for a year. This is his second year at NHHS. By my count, that is 15 years in education. Further, just look at the results. The school has posted higher test scores in the last year than in any of the previous years on record. Again, just look at the data on the school report cards online. As a volunteer at the school, I have personally seen a decrease in fighting and a much happier student body. That is with my own eyes, and not just word of mouth. I have also listened to teachers complain that they had to change rooms, or that they have to work harder than before. Yet this school is for the students first, in my opinion at least. More teachers have seemed so much more positive than the dozen or so who have been rumored to complain. Does this mean that we throw the baby out with the bath water because a handful of people do not like their room with no window? I have met with this man and will agree that he does have a military presence to him. Anyone who is intimidated or insecure with his background will obviously not like him from the start. However, those who have gotten to know and work with him (ask the PTSA) agree that he is a very good leader. My children attend the school today, and we are quite satisfied with the principal. The insinuation that "jocks" are favored is loaded. Mr. Finn works extremely closely with at-risk youth, many of whom play sports. So, yes, he does work closely with those who need him, who happen to be athletes. If I am not mistaken, he coached a college basketball team prior to becoming a teacher in NC. He would, then, tend to have good relationships with student athletes, my son not withstanding. Please do not knock him for that. In fact, my daughter is in the band. Mr. Finn actually attended a band competition on a Saturday and spent the entire day with the kids. These were not jocks. He is there for all kids. Lastly, let's give the man a chance to do his job without attacking him personally. He is a good Christian, is involved with his church, is a great role model for our children, and is not going to make everyone happy. In any organization, there will be a number of unhappy people. We need to accept that as fact, and not pretend that everyone will be satisfied every day. Nobody is perfect, and I am sure this man has his faults, as do we all. But from my standpoint, as someone who is involved with the school at a close level, he is one of the brightest stars in New Hanover County. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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