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This goes to guest 123123. Yes, here we go again!! It seems that you are tired of the firefighters raising the question as to why they are under paid. Well, I am a firefighter for the City of Wilmington I unlike you will post my name for I have nothing to hide.

I do have a 3br and 2 bath house. I do not have a minivan to cart my two children around, and yes I do have 4 to 5 days off in a row.

Now for the rest of the story!!!!!! My House is located in the South side of town in the Sunset neighborhood, you know the older section of town. Look up the property values of the section and that will tell you about how much it is worth. I raised both of my children there and have been there for over 25 years.

As for the 4 or 5 days off in a row my friend you need to understand that I work 24 on and 24 off. That means I work three of your 8 hr. days in a row if you have a job to begin with. After my third day of shift I would have put in 72 hours at the end of the week compared to your 40 or 50 hours, again if you have job. After my 72 hours that I just put in I get 3.5 days off in a row, and of course that rotates. You get weekends and holidays off I don't.

I work 40 percent more than you do at the end of the year. No matter how you chose to look at it a firefighter will put in more work hours than your average worker and gets paid less than your average worker.

It is easy to set behind a desk and make the remarks that you do, or go into your fast food restaurant and serve food, or even sell shoes and make more than your average firefighter in the City of Wilmington. You must have been one of those who tried out to be a firefighter and could not make it so now you are against us.

That is fine everyone has an opinion, but the next time you have to reach for that phone and dial 911 myself or one of my brothers or sisters will respond. We will not care who you are or what you think of us we will be there to help you and solve your problem or at least make it better than what we found it.

Don't blame us for what the council and city staff have created. It was their lack of planning and endless spending of taxpayer money that has lead to this.

You should really be upset knowing that you are having to spend money for land for new fire stations due to the reorganizing and redistribution of the fire department. Buying land for these new expensive fire station that we do not need.

Instead of listing to the consultants this council decided it was better to listen to fire department staff and close stations reduce safety for you and the firefighters and increase response times for fires and medical calls to you. They are spend more of your money to accomplish nothing but to reduce service and charge you the same tax rate.

Donald Ragavage


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