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Public service employees...

in this State are never paid enough. As a state employee I haven't had a raise in five years, they can keep the 1% for next year...Those 45-year old "retirees" coming down here from the north with your fat union-gained pensions sure know how to tell the local people to pack up and move to a "better paying" job. Not that easy when you have kids or if you are local.And where should they move to? The north? Nobody I know is moving there for jobs nor retirement! Sure you want Don's job, cause you know it all so much better! Padding that fat yankee pension just a tad more all the while complaining how bad you have it. There are damn good and qualified local public service guys and gals that deserve better pay!
And for you to say that you changed jobs after 14 years for a higher paying position, looks like that lasted 3 years until you screwed something up...


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