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Hey County Commissioners

A - None of you are psychologists so stop diagnosing Brian Berger. he has not been diagnosed as crazy - nor has he been declared crazy by a judge. His background check for a gun purchase would not reflect any "lunacy".

B - The show is over Woody White and Beth Dawson. Start attracting jobs to the county like you said you would during your campaigns. To continue this charade is to give you an excuse NOT to fulfill your promises - sorry - stop giving Brian free press. Go about your jobs.

C - Stop wasting time with this empty headed blowhard. Its is a distraction from economic calamity that is engulfing this county and you ignore it. You may rue the day you decided Brian was more important than jobs are.

Finally, Brian? Resign. You are hurting the Republican party and making a mockery of New Hanover county with your continued theatrics. Stop the acting job, if that's what it is, and do the job you were elected to do. You are done as a politician - the next election will be your last. Do NOT run for re-election as we are sic of your shennanigans. You are the epicenter of all that is wrong with New Hanover County.



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