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A number of folks have suggested that this is just the normal dirty politics we see everywhere. NOT so- this a reflection of how disgusting and unlawful things have gotten in NHC. The vendettta against Berger has crossed a line. Frankly, I hope he brings a RICO lawsuit against the County and That disgrace named Woody White.
Why hasnt Wanda Copley fired the individual who stole Bergers confidential records and offered them as an exclusive to the Star News.That stinks and so does the lack of action by Ben David.- should she be facing ethical and legal scrutiny?
Why did Sandy Criner not recluse herself from a case where she had both a real and apparent conflict of interest? Should she be the the subject of legal and ethical scrutiny?
It has been said by some that you cant challenge the vulger "political establishment in NHC"
That is rubbish- this is about a small group of county folks who have arrogantly flaunted the law and need to be put in their place!
Yes- let's ask the State legislature and the feds to get involved but lets look at the conduct of not just Berger- but also- White, Dawson, Copley, Criner, Coudert. What is taking place stinks and this goes far beyond just one individual.


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