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Re: Don't Believe It

Both "ILM" and "Actually There" have it right. This is the way productions work. What I'd like to add is that Hip Hop is a form of musical expression like it or not. It has a wide following and is a boom for the music industry. Banning it, censoring it or limiting its content is nothing more than Big Brother control. Maybe that radical Beethoven should be censored too. Doesn't anyone remember the preachers burning Rock records in the late 60's? Or John Denver and Frank Zappa going heads up against Tipper Gore and the United States Senate? IT'S JUST WORDS FOLKS. Gang activity may be fueled by music and style but the root cause is the way Americans are being pushed down. In case anyone hasn't noticed, all but a very few good blue collar jobs are left because of Corporate America. Lots of these people who follow Hip Hop see no future. Their answer is to rebel. Heck, the gang lifestyle treats these people better than a most blue collar options available. Get a life if you think they can afford college. If you want this to stop, go up against free trade and globalization. You'll make a difference. Please also remember that lots of the jabs taken here are only trolls wishing to stir the mud. Great job trollies!


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