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A CHALLENGE To Lil Wayne... (If your reading this Bro, Look forward this post being forwarded too TMZ). The "DUKE" Lineberry.. Including NEW HANOVER COUNTY... Wayne/Stan Da Man took your money and ran, Just like in the Steve Miller band song, "Go'on take the money and Run!"....Wooo hooo hoooo! Lil Wayne, If you have ANY respect for YOUR fans AND YOURSELF, and PROMOTING NON-VIOLENCE... respect... COME BACK TOO WILMINGTON... NEXT Spring, during Alzea Fest... DO a *free* concert on the WATERFRONT... CREATING Harmony/Divirsity while, DEFEATING the racsim that SHOULDN'T be here in OUR FAIR City... It's a very, very sad note/post's on the "other" thread, "what" our city is, still is, is BECOMEING, OLD HABIT'S never DIE huh?... This is something WE TOGETHER MUST CHANGE.. I'm ASHAMED that I read post's such as I did.. Though FREE SPEACH and NO CENSORSHIP is a great thing right? Wilmington JUST SHOWED it's "true" "COLORS".... EVERYONE IS ENTITLED to THEIR OPINIONS... Though some I did MANAGE TOO, (before deletion), read, make Me ashamed too live here... I don't know really what else too say.. Some think Wilmington is a PROGRESSIVE CITY... Apparently NOT.. (excuse the spelling).. CT


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